A letter to my little Sister

How is life on the 6th of June 2011 in Passau, Germany?

From San Francisco i can report the following: Its 12:21am and dark outside. We’re having a slight breeze coming from west (like always) with top winds coming from east (like always), which makes the clouds melt in to each other (like…you guess it…most of the time…and its beautiful). Sun will go up in about 5h….gotta be awesome!

This place is, right now in history, in this universe, one of the few places to be if you are different and feel like to change the world, have an impact and be a part of something! The infidel may disagree, like i did when i was young and a fool.

While you may not be driven by change, I insist you need to come here to see, understand and spread the word that its happening here, right now. damn it! There is no place in this city where people are not creating the stuff that their dreams are made of…its inspiring. They are coming from all over, its a huge diverse melting-pod…latins, asians, africans, americans, europeans, gays, straights, musicians and quantum physicist. One may be foolish enough to call them goofy because they left every thing they had behind to follow their dreams and do what is widely considered stupid: Trust their guts and hope it will work out somehow!

Being here i can tell you: They are not! They are the people, who not driven by money, but by imagination create what is known as “future”.

This City is the home of those who suffer from being called crazy where they come from. You should see the eyes of those who just arrived, they can’t believe this place really exists…full of liked minded creators who don’t discriminate you because you have no idea how to make that crazy stuff happen you talk about! And you need to see the faces of those who have to leave because their visas run out…yes, it can be sad too!

San Francisco waits for you


About natarius

Happy, Snoopy, Entrepreneur, Geek, Citizen of The World and Business Punk
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